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Kanji Brand

"THE ROAD TO BLACK" [Pre-Embroidery in Black/ with Classic]

"THE ROAD TO BLACK" [Pre-Embroidery in Black/ with Classic]

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This Package includes:

+ Premium Kanji Classic belt with embroidery that says 'The Road to Black' in Japanese.

+ Gift Box

As the name suggests, the ’Classic’ series succeed the lineage of Kanji's most beloved model Original. Since its inception and introduction to the Jiu-Jitsu community, it has become the preferred option for many highly-renowned instructors and competitors, as well as everyday practitioners alike.

The ‘Original’ series’ success and constant evolution, has helped lay the foundation for Kanji’s subsequent belt series, and also serves as the staple Kanji belt model for personalization.

Belt Details:

※ 100% High-quality cotton.
※ 12 Rows of stitching.
※ Embroidered labels.
※ Maintains color longer than standard belts.
※ Superior durability over standard belts.
※ Available for custom embroidery.

Size Chart:

It can be 1-2inches different from the size chart.

A0 24 - 27 96.5
A1 27 - 30 104
A2 30 - 33 111
A3 32 - 35 118
A4 35 - 38 126.5
A5 37 - 40 134

*Belt length may deviate minimally from what is displayed on the chart

Additional Information

Please keep in mind that Classic belts might feel a bit tighter than the other styles of Kanji due to its improved durability and thickness. Take this into account when choosing sizes. 


• 100% High-quality cotton.
• Made with high-quality Pearl Weave.

Shipping & Returns

• FedEx International Prior Shipping
• Usually take 3 to 5 days for delivery (Not including production time.)


Care Instructions

• Recommend Hand-washing in cold water to avoid any shrinking
• Don't machine dry it (air dry)

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