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At Kanji Brand, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality custom belts for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners. But don't just take our word for it - see what our satisfied customers have to say about their experience with our products and service
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Kanji Kaze Belt

Belt came with the font different sizes. All in uppercase letters, but the first letter is smaller than the rest of the letters. Also, the stitching on the end of the belt is pretty poor quality. I have emailed Kanji a couple of times regarding the poor quality of the writing and stitching and they are still yet to respond. Disappointed with the belt and the after sales customer service.

Kanji Kaze Belt
Mark Badham
Kanji Kaze belt

Absolutely blown away by the service. I asked for a small design and no wording. Could not be more happier

Kanji Original Belt
Ismael Hernandez
Amazing belt and service

Received very fast amazing quality

Kanji Original Belt
Warpig brown belt

Absolutely stunning job on my brown belt! Love u guys and girls!

Kanji Katana Belt
Francisco dreyer
Amazing quality

Delivery was fast, and the quality of the belt is the best definitely I recommend it.

Great belts

The original are great heavy belts but seems to run shorter than most A2 they do stretch with time and sweat. Might consider size up

Kanji Classic Belt
רונן/ עמרי חביב
Excellent service

Recommended quality product

kenpo industrial


Item Customizations
Edgard Echeverria
Buenos detalles

Todo lo que pedí lo hicieron a la perfección

Kanji Classic Belt
Edgard Echeverria
El mejor cinturón que he tenido

Es ese ele te y todo lo que había soñado . Llegó a tiempo y en perfecto estado . Gracias . Lo recomiendo 100%

Kanji Katana Belt
Mauricio Berlim

I sent this belt as a gift and the person just loved. Thank you kanji Belt

Item Customizations
Jake Skelly
Great product, fast shipping!

Ordered a 3rd degree black belt to give as a gift. It arrived quickly and was beautiful. It was well appreciated.

Kanji Belt

Great product, very fast shipping. Thank you very much. Osss

Kanji Premium Belt 'Kaze' - Black/White
Marcus Lopes
Best Premium Belt on the Market

I bought 3 Kanji belts in the last 5 years, it is an awesome product. Every BJJ practitioner should have one or more. Belt material quality.

Kanji Katana Belt
Oscar Liang
Great product

Fast delivery and good quality product.

Kanji Classic Belt
cristiano da costa

It's the fifth belt I have from you and this one by far kept the quality of the previous ones because unfortunately you put a patch to hide the embroidery so the belt didn't come as I expected and it saddened me a lot

Kanji Premium Belt 'Kaze' - Blue

It's very light but not in a cheap way. Construction is quality and the minimalistic logo is perfect. Customer service was awesome from start to finish.

Kanji Premium Belt 'Kaze' - Brown
Steven Rodriguez
Best belt I have ever used

I just got promoted to brown belt and wanted to use a belt that was both nice looking and very durable. The Kaze is amazing.SUPER light compared to my other teammates belts. Stays tied the whole time. Will buy again when I get promoted to black belt

Kanji Kaze Belt
Ron Hudson
A1 brown belt

Delivered as promised on all front

Kanji Classic Belt
Great belt

Great product ,the length is a little short of a regular A2 of another brands ,but a high quality and heavy belt.

Kanji Premium Belt 'Katana' - Brown
David Langiulli
Great Belt

I love this Brown Belt. It's my second Kanji. I won Master 5 / Light in my Original Kanji Blue. My daughter now wears that belt.

The Katana has a nice texture and width. A1 is a perfect fit for me. It never comes untied.

I hope this Brown Belt will give me the same magic I had with the Blue.

Kanji 'The Road to Black' Belt - Blue(Black Embroidery 2.0)
Jay Zeballos
Awesome Belt

I gave this belt as a gift to one of my students. Amazing detail and quality! Now please restock the black belts! I want one!

Kanji Premium Belt 'Katana' - Purple
Gregor Amos

Excellent belt

Kanji Premium Belt 'Katana' - Black/Red
Katana vs kaze

I'm into this "grappling weave thing", so i went for kanji brand and found kaze and katana. Same price and not sure if I've read it in a hurry but couldn't see differences on their descriptions. Couldn't find help on the internet either. So i went for kaze: really light but it doesn't feel or look "crappy"! Absolutely! And it's highlight is the embroidery logo! Clean and elegant. But i still needed to know the difference between that one and katana, so i ordered one.
Customer service and shipping to Brazil was outstanding as usual, btw. Katana feels a tiny bit stiffer or thicker than kaze and the grappling weave on katana has narrower rows than on kaze. I mean the Gi like fabric on katana has a less crispy look than on kaze. Katana has a sewed logo wich gets damaged on the borders very easily, something that does not happen with kaze.
Both are fantastic. Keep their knot tied throughout the sparring session.
If you want the traditional look of kanji brand with the name written on etc, go for katana. If you just need a good looking grappling weave belt, kaze should be your choice.

Kanji 'The Road to Black' Belt - Blue(Black Embroidery 2.0)

I liked it more in white or yellow embroidery, works better with bjj color belts, quality is amazing