Kanji Premium Purple Belt with Red Bar - 'Road to Black Belt'

Kanji Premium Purple Belt with Red Bar - 'Road to Black Belt'

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The 'Road to Black Belt' is inspired in the metaphorical journey one must take, in order to earn the rank of Black Belt.

It is carefully embroidered with the phrase “The Road to Black Belt” in Japanese. 

The embroidery is white and made with very resistant thread, reinforced by the Kanji Signature 12-Row stitching. These measures are simply to ensure this ’reminder’ lasts as long as your belt!

As with all Kanji Premium Belts, a considerable amount of research and development went into creating the 'The Road to Black' series, making these some of the most durable and aesthetically pleasing Jiu-Jitsu belts on the market!

Belt Details:

※ 100% High-quality cotton.
※ 12 Rows of stitching.
※ Embroidered labels.
※ Maintains color longer than standard belts.
※ Superior durability over standard belts.
※ Pre-Embroidered with high-tensile strength embroidery thread.

Size Chart:

Please note that belt length may deviate minimally from what is displayed on the chart.
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