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Kanji Premium Belt 'Original' - Purple

Kanji Premium Belt 'Original' - Purple

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As the name suggests, the ’Original’ series was the first line of premium Jiu-Jitsu belts ever produced by Kanji. Since its inception and introduction to the Jiu-Jitsu community, it has become the preferred option for many highly-renowned instructors and competitors, as well as everyday practitioners alike.

The ‘Original’ series’ success and constant evolution, has helped lay the foundation for Kanji’s subsequent belt series, and also serves as the staple Kanji belt model for personalization.


Belt Details:

※ 100% High-quality cotton.
※ 12 Rows of stitching.
※ Embroidered labels.
※ Maintains color longer than standard belts.
※ Superior durability over standard belts.
※ Available for custom embroidery.

Size Chart:

It can be 1-2inches different from the size chart.

A0 24 - 27 97
A1 27 - 30 106
A2 30 - 33 115
A3 32 - 35 123
A4 35 - 38 130
A5 37 - 40 140

*Belt length may deviate minimally from what is displayed on the chart

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Hands down the best belts around

What else can be said about these wonderful belts that everyone hasn't said ?? I bought my daughter her purple belt for when she got promoted and today was that day she loved the feeling of a brand new belt everything was phenomenal , from the stitching to the vibrant purple color, got recommended by our main coach awhile back and finally decided to pull the trigger on this bad boy and we are so glad we did. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!! QUALITY OVER QUANTITY

Eric Soria
Great belt

The belt fits perfect and love the width and how it stays tied even being still new and stiff. Great quality and highly recommended.

Don Leonard Lomami
Great Belt

Great Belt, Kanji never dissapoints

Manuel Lazaro

Describing this belt as durable would be an understatement. I've had mine for three years now and, as advertised, it is still a very deep purple with hardly any fading. Unlike a lot of belts where fraying along the edges occurs on the entire length of the belt, fraying occurred only at the knot area on mine. Unfortunately this extreme durability has a drawback - until a few months ago, my belt would never stay tied. It wasn't until the knot area became extremely frayed & pliable that I was able to tie a knot tight enough to stay in place. Not really an issue for me since the next belt is still a few years away. (For reference on the "number of miles" I put on my belt, I train 2-3x/week.)

Quality belt, very short

Great belt, shipped extremely fast. Ordered an A2 and the belt is very high quality and thick. Fits like an A0 though so was disappointed that it did not fit properly and is very tight.