Kanji Premium Belt 'Original' - Black/Red
Kanji Premium Belt 'Original' - Black/Red
Kanji Premium Belt 'Original' - Black/Red
Kanji Premium Belt 'Original' - Black/Red
Kanji Premium Belt 'Original' - Black/Red

Kanji Premium Belt 'Original' - Black/Red

We will do the embroidery work your stripes and 2 lines at the end of red bars.
Write down how many stripes you have.
If 0 is selected, only 2 lines at the end of red bar will be embroidered.

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As the name suggests, the ’Original’ series was the first line of premium Jiu-Jitsu belts ever produced by Kanji. Since its inception and introduction to the Jiu-Jitsu community, it has become the preferred option for many highly-renowned instructors and competitors, as well as everyday practitioners alike.

The ‘Original’ series’ success and constant evolution, has helped lay the foundation for Kanji’s subsequent belt series, and also serves as the staple Kanji belt model for personalization.


Belt Details:

※ 100% High-quality cotton.
※ 12 Rows of stitching.
※ Embroidered labels.
※ Maintains color longer than standard belts.
※ Superior durability over standard belts.
※ Available for custom embroidery.

Size Chart:

It can be 1-2inches different from the size chart.

A0 24 - 27 97
A1 27 - 30 106
A2 30 - 33 115
A3 32 - 35 123
A4 35 - 38 130
A5 37 - 40 140

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Additional Information

Kanji Premium Belt 'Original' - Black/Red
Kanji Premium Belt 'Original' - Black/Red
Kanji Premium Belt 'Original' - Black/Red
Kanji Premium Belt 'Original' - Black/Red

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
rod Nimmons

So after reading the negative reviews first, I still went ahead and bought a belt. I was skeptical because it is a foreign company located in Korea. Anyhow, I bought the belt anyway…this is how the purchase experience went. First, I was charged for the belt and was never given a tracking number or any notice that the belt would ship soon, this was after a couple of days of actually purchasing the belt. Then, about 4 days later , the damn belt arrives at my house! Obviously I was pretty stoked and surprised because I never even knew it was shipping! Anyways , I received the belt , it’s exactly what I ordered and I will probably order another now that I know how the process works. Osss kanji!

Mrinaldo Morais
Item not received

I am very disappointed with your service, I have ordered a belt and the total was 133$ And it’s been over a month and I didn’t receive anything, no tracking number no estimate arrival. I am tried to contact by email but no one replies to me. I am very very disappointed

Leandro Hirae

The quality is outstanding! The only thing I didn’t like was the weight of the belt. But it is very good quality.

Chris L
Wish i could give more stars

Belt itself was good quality. But the belt i wanted and the embroidery wasnt right, I've emailed them a few times and no one has gotten back to me. I dont like giving bad reviews bad, maybe theyll reply now? I just want to discuss this with someone please

Good Quality

Fit: I regularly wear an A2. I initially ordered an A3 assuming that the thick belt would eat up some length while it was tied. The A3 ended up being way too long for me. I ordered another A2, which fits much better.

Review: After wearing the belt for about a month, it is starting to break in and relax. At first I thought the belt would be on the stiffer side, but it is actually getting more pliable with every training session. The construction is sturdy and feels of higher quality than your average gi-maker belt. Overall I am satisfied with the product itself.